The Continuing Saga Of Cookie's Leaks: Trying Chiropractic Approach

In spite of the vet's conviction that Cookie's leaks are estrogen-responsive incontinence, the dribbles kept coming back during and after conclusion of the treatment.

I could see it during, as I imagine it takes a while for things to get on track. But at the end of the treatment, they should have been gone.

The leaks got reduced but haven't gone away.

First time Cookie started with the leaks was right after her bout of pancreatitis. That was in February. Then they went away and she didn't have any problems until late August.

The thing on my mind was, what has changed?

What has been different now and what has been different in February? Because it made sense to me that it ought to be something that was different than normally but common for both of the times.

One thing would have been some change in diet. Treating her pancreatitis, Cookie was on prescription food and off her "bone meal" stuff. After we moved to Jasmine's ranch, I didn't have a way of cooking it up for her so she was off it as well.

However, once things got sorted out a bit I started making it again ... and didn't seem to have made any difference.

So the food likely was not it.

Then it occurred to me. Pretty much ever since we got her she was getting regular chiropractic adjustments. The initial reason was that she's been very lame because of the fragment of the porcupine quill in her foot. I felt that the compensation must have taken a toll on her and made her first appointment.

It turned out that her pelvis was a mess and we started doing monthly treatments.

After we moved, we left her chiropractor behind and haven't found a new one yet.

And here is the kicker. When she had the pancreatitis, her chiropractor felt she didn't want to burden the body and we didn't do any chiropractic until Cookie was all well again.

Certainly a common thread.

Sometimes leaking becomes worse if the low back is sore or there are some pelvic issues. When the right nerve gets pinched, such as the nerve that works the neck of the bladder, this could lead to leaks.

It made sense to me so we made an appointment with a local chiropractor and got Cookie adjusted.

She needed adjustments to right sacro-iliac joint (SI), right sacral apex, Left L4, L2 posterior.

Could that have been behind the leaks?

Perhaps ... She's had no leaks since. Coincidence? Perhaps. But the adjustment certainly didn't hurt anything.

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  1. Wow, what a thoughtful analysis to figure this out. I guess there's no guarantee that a chiropractic problem was behind the leaks but it certainly seems likely.

    BTW, my holistic vet recommended tofu for estrogen-responsive incontinence. It worked as well as an estrogen prescription with fewer potential side effects. If you have this issue in the future, you might want to try it.

    1. Thank you, Pamela.

      Actually I decided to try flax seed instead to see whether it might work. Not a fan of soy products. Has a different type of phytoestrogen but might be helpful too.


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