Cookie's Minor Eye Irritation

Yesterday morning, when Cookie was coming for her breakfast, she seemed to have been squinting her right eye.

Of course, trying to observe one eye on a dog who's in constant motion isn't easy. Right after that it seemed like to was fine. (Trying to photograph it, btw, is even harder. You won't believe how many totally blurry photos I took)

I couldn't tell whether it was gone or not.

Then we left for our morning walk and I kept trying to watch what the eye was doing. It kind of seemed like she kept squinting a little bit but not all the time. Perhaps it was a reaction to the sunlight? (Yeah, we actually had a couple of sunny days, didn't know what to do with it any more ... well, today it's raining again so things are back to normal)

Overall I did think that the eye wasn't quite right.

When we got back and she settled down it became quite clear that the eye is not happy. (When "idle" she's squint quite a bit more than on the photo above. When active, she'd open it fully)

Squinty eye is a painful eye. There was no discharge, swelling or redness as we could see. But something was going on with it that should not.

I am quite paranoid when it comes to eyes.

Well, okay, I'm quite paranoid when it comes to anything being wrong with my dogs. But eyes are very vulnerable.

Of course, problems always crop up when it's hard or impossible to go to see a vet. Be it a long weekend, or, this time, hubby leaving down South for work.

I was quite upset. What if it gets worse?

I don't know what I would do without my online veterinary friends. I can always turn to them at times like this. Dr. Krista was around, took a look at the photos and said it wasn't too bad looking.

She recommended sterile saline flush.

Fortunately, having a fully equipped doggy first aid kit, we had some of that too. It was a big bottle so I pulled out a syringe which we originally got for force-feeding Jasmine.

I squirted it in generously.

This stuff doesn't do any harm, one can you all they wish or all the dog is willing to put up with. Cookie wasn't really impressed but let me do it. Right after she got special big treat.

Because nothing has changed in the next half hour, I repeated the flush. In fact, nothing has changed for the rest of the day. At least things didn't get worse but didn't seem to be getting better either.

So periodically I kept flushing the eye, hoping I won't have to get a neighbor drive us to the vet.

In the morning I was anxious to see what the eye looked like.

It looked good!

I can breathe yet again. Not sure if the flushes helped or it fixed itself but glad it's fine now. She might have had a bit of foreign material or hurt it a little bit when running through the bush.

Here is the complete answer I got on Pawbly:

A squinty eye is an irritated eye. Look for any  debris or foreign material in the eye, you know like we squint when we get an eyelash. Debris can be flushed out with sterile saline, the sort used for contact lens (no medicated red eye stuff, just plain saline). If the squinting persists or you start to see any ocular discharge, like excessive tearing or yellow-green discharge it is time to go to the vet.

My biggest concern is damage to the cornea, which is painful, hence the squinting. The good news is that  with early intervention a small scratch or damage often heals quickly. Eyes get bad, and heal, quickly, so early diagnosis and treatment is important in eyes.

And, remember to not let her rub her eye. Rubbing can worsen the damage if it is caused by a foreign material, or worsen the size of the defect if rubbed or scratched with a paw/nail.

Allergies are another possibility, but usually that affects both eyes.

All is well what ends well, right?

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