Unhealthy Gut, Unhealthy Dog: Mandy's Story

Mandy's chronic problems escalated with a terrible bout of pancreatitis

She was 12 years old and had a long history of loose stools and anal gland issues. Her system was very sensitive and she kept having a hard time.

Mandy was suffering with chronic GI inflammation.

Vomiting, gas, bloating and diarrhea were a regular thing for Mandy. Various diet changes were not making any difference.

Even though the foods were different brands and formulas, they did have certain ingredients in common.

Was it those that were causing all the trouble?

An inflamed GI tract cannot absorb nutrients properly. This leads to all kinds of problems as well as severe imbalance of gut bacteria, which makes things worse further.

Unhealthy gut = unhealthy dog.
This all sounds so similar to the problems Jasmine was having and all that stemmed from that. Mandy's parents too came to accept her issues as a normal state of things. But it is not. Just like we did with Jasmine, Mandy's parents were at the vets' all the time, just like with Jasmine, no solution came from that. Just like with Jasmine, Mandy always returned home with a prescription of antibiotics and antacids.

Just like Jasmine, Mandy was written off by her vets as a dog with a sensitive system.

Inflamed, poorly functioning GI system also increases the risk of acute problems, including pancreatitis.

Finally Mandy's parents, just like us, turned to a holistic approach.

Mandy was put on a novel ingredient, low fat, grain-free dehydrated raw food, probiotic, digestive enzyme and a natural supplement for dysbiosis.

It was decided to no longer vaccinate Mandy.

At her next check-up, Mandy's pancreatitis has resolved, she had firm stools and no further vomiting or diarrhea.

Full Story:
This Month’s Real Story: Mandy

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. We're experiencing this with Rodrigo, but it's no where near as serious. But something that we've been monitoring. We finally got his stool solid again. Turns out he's sensitive to beef.

    1. Glad you figured out the trigger. Too bad for him, though, so many goodies he's going to miss out on.


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