Cookie's Leaks Update

With a leaking dog, the proper procedure is to start by checking the dog and the urine.

The dog has been checked for the third time in last couple of weeks and nothing unusual was found. The vet only found minimal entrapment and no evidence of inflammation, urine retention or staining, just a bit moist. Cookie decided not to squirt on her this time. There was no evidence of pain.

Urine didn't reveal anything useful to solving the problem.

The vet is fully convinced that Cookie's problem indeed is estrogen responsive incontinence.

She put Cookie on estrogen replacement and we were to see how it works. She was dosed with one pill every 24 hours for four days and twice a week thereon until all medication is used up.

The vet office called yesterday to check and Cookie's leaks indeed seemed to have gone away.

I was happy to report that though I emphasized that in the past they'd go away on their own too so we cannot really be sure whether the medication helped or whether they just stopped.

And this morning Cookie dribbled again.

She into her twice a week dose and is to get a pill Wednesday evening. She didn't make a big puddle; though that might be because I was watching like a hawk and took her out to pee. Which she did and then stayed outside so it's hard to assess things then.

So we will see how things go.

Meanwhile, her specific gravity was kind of low. The vet isn't concerned, I kind of am because Cookie seems to have notoriously lower specific gravity than I feel she should.

This could due to the fact that so far she never had first morning urine checked.

 It just never worked out that way because we were more concerned about it being fresh than being the first pee.

Now, though, when we will be looking just at the specific gravity, it's more important to be first morning urine and doesn't have to be fresh for that.

So I will hold my worry until we checked that one.

She certainly does not look sick.

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  1. I hope you get to the bottom (no pun intended) of Cookie's issue. That can be so frustrating. Haley has had problems in the past with this, but only when on certain medications. She would wake up from a nap and the floor would be wet and she would look bewildered, like she didn't feel like she had to go and didn't understand how it happened. Cookie's issue sounds more like a muscle control problem perhaps. I hope they can figure it out soon. :)

    1. Thank you, Elaine, I do hope that we can get to the bottom of this soon also.


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