We Have Met Our New Vet: She's A Keeper

We have made an appointment for an introductory visit to our new, carefully selected vet.

If I liked her based on the questionnaire answers, I REALLY like her now.

The guys like her too! This is equally important. If they didn't like her, not matter how much work I've put into the selection, I would have gone looking for another one.

But they do like her and she was very good with them.

The exam room was small and were four people and two large dogs cramped in there. It was a long visit and the guys were a little stressed from the small space, new environment and all but did very well and really took to the vet and the technician.

They asked all the right questions and we went over the medical histories and discussed many things, including nutrition and potential future treatments.

I like how the new vet really thinks about everything in depth, and we have same views on all important aspects.

We are kindred spirits.

I like her approach to medicine and we are on the same page regarding ideal nutrition. She is dedicated to her patients, does her homework and is more than happy to discuss things.

Our overall impression was more than positive. Whew. I can sleep at night again.

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  1. It's so important to have a good vet. We have our traditional vet's office (3 vets there) and our holistic vet who is awesome too.

    1. Yes, having a good vet is crucial. We are kind of lucky as now we have an integrative one. So we'll see whether she'll be all we need or not :-)


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