One Vomit, No Vomit

Our foreign languages professor, back in college used to grade based on this philosophy:

One mistake, no mistake.

Meaning you could make one mistake on your oral exam or paper and still get an A. He also used to cite his rule every time he was giving out a grade. It's no surprise it stuck in my head.

Can this rule be applied in real life?

I think that in some cases it can, it some cases it cannot. Some single mistakes can cause a lot of damage. Other mistakes, though, can be treated this way.

How does that translate to an upset stomach?

The other morning hubby got up a bit earlier and took the dogs for a little walk before I came out.
"Cookie threw up," he reported.

There was a time when I'd simply panic every time any of my dogs threw up. Today, I first investigate.

We went to find the puke and I took a good look at it. 

It was just bunch of big chunks of grass. All our dogs like go graze on fresh grass in the morning. Every now and then they might get a bit carried away with it.

Sometimes, they would eat grass when their stomach is upset.

Was Cookie's stomach upset?

She was very interested in her treats and wolfed down her breakfast. If she didn't, I'd view the whole situation differently. But all criteria, she did not have an upset stomach.

There were no other worrisome signs present either. She was bouncy and playful like any other morning.

One vomit, no vomit.

She remained fine since and her throwing up got written off to a bit too much enthusiasm at her morning salad buffet.

Sometimes dogs throw up.

Usually because they decided to snack on something that wasn't meant to be eaten.

JD after he munched on groceries including the plastic. Cookie after she decided that a bunch of rocks was particularly yummy.

When you do find foreign object in the vomit, though, you do need to pay attention and be on lookout for further trouble. Often these things do make their way out on their own but when they don't your dog would be in trouble.

I don't worry only when nothing else seems wrong.

Cookie had to throw up only once for me to seek veterinary attention when she did so after a night of being lethargic. I didn't like that already and when she threw up on top of that and didn't look better after, we were on our way to the vet.

It is important to be able to figure out how much trouble your dog is in. If all seems well, then you can tell yourself, "One vomit, no vomit."

When they look or act off, refuse food, and vomit, that is another story all together.

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  1. What a coincidence...same thing happened here this weekend. Maggie threw up Friday night - lots of grass. Ate a fine breakfast on Saturday - was starving. A little moopy during the day, no diarrhea no apparent tummy issues and by Saturday evening she was just fine. We agree - One vomit, no vomit.

    1. I wonder how many dogs throw up every minute in the world LOL

      I'm glad Maggie is fine also.

  2. Ace throws up after chugging his water. This is frustrating for me, but it's something I put up with. He does it several times a week. I noticed he'll also throw up in the morning on rare occasion if he is really hungry. And of course, he throws up when he eats grass as well. I try to limit the grass eating to just a few munches for that reason.

    Glad Cookie is OK.

    1. Lots of dogs throw up after eating grass/eat grass in order to throw up. Bruin always did. Jasmine would eat grass when her belly was upset but would not throw up. He's, as well as Cookie and JD like to just graze on the grass even when their bellies are fine. JD and Cookie throw up sometimes after they eat too much of it.

  3. A thank you, she's fine and her appetite is of the charts. One would thing nobody feeds the poor girl. LOL

    Interesting about the water; is it actually vomiting or could it be regurgitation? Jasmine did that couple times when she ate her food too quickly. The difference easiest to observe is that there is no. Heaving with regurgitation, it just comes out.


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