JD's Injury And Bad Hip Update

Since his acute injury, JD has undergone physical therapy and limited activity. The total hip replacement is still on the table but for now we're sitting on the decision. We're also considering stem cell treatment as an alternative.

On Thursday we're having an introductory appointment with our new vet, so we'll also see what she has to say.

We did some physical therapy exercises at home, as well as underwater treadmill and cold laser.

Moving out of our old place, spending a week at the friends' horse farm and then coming up to Jasmine's ranch, was a trial by fire.

Because everybody is outside most of the time, JD would either have to be tied up or confined by himself, or allowed to be outside with everybody and do whatever he's gonna do.

JD has been walking all day, running, jumping, trying to play with Cookie and chasing stuff.

In other words, going quite nuts. Particularly after the forced rest since his injury. If that makes you scream, it made me scream too. (Quietly, inside; sometimes out loud).

Here is the interesting thing. The more activity JD has had, the better he's looking.

I stocked up on the NSAID just in case he got himself too sore but haven't had to use any yet. And he HAS been running like a fool and doing things that make my hairs stand up. And yet, not paying for it.

Walking IS therapeutic but that is not exactly what JD has been doing.

Again, it makes me wonder how much of a problem the hip really is and how much it was all an acute, soft-tissue type injury.

Time will tell. So far, the more active he is, the better he looks. Which is a good thing because he'd be heartbroken if he had to be excluded from all the activity.

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