Happy One-Year Adoptoversary, Cookie!

Today, Cookie has been with us for a whole year! Boy, did it go by fast.

I still remember the day we picked her up. 

So it happens that she did spend her first few days at Jasmine's ranch also. Now we are here to stay.

Back then we kept her mostly on leash do she wouldn't take off because that was the first thing she did at her old place shortly after meet and greet. We all went for a long walk so the guys would get accustomed to one another and also get tired before a long trip.

Cookie went along for a while and then found freedom more interesting than tagging along.

Showed up about a half an hour later.

We couldn't really blame her. Being tied up all the time the only way she got some fun was when she broke free.

Now, she's been living off leash with no fences and we still have two dogs.

She will go to chase after a mouse or a bird and both her and JD will go scare off things they find suspicious but she never goes far and always comes back.

She seems quite happy with the life she has now.

She has learned a lot and we have learned a lot from her. She's been the perfect dog for me to brush up on my dog training skills. She is smart, really loves to please and truly enjoys our training games.

Her and JD are best pals. While a challenge, Cookie has been a pleasure to have around. She loves her new family and has bonded quite tightly. She is chewing her bully stick by my desk right now. Though she likes it most when we're doing something - anything - outside.

Yesterday we were clearing out some brush and Cookie was helping wholeheartedly. 

Mostly being in the way for now, but perhaps over time she'll learn how to do it properly. For now we encourage her involvement to facilitate potential future training such as dragging stuff to a pile. Well, that's the dream, anyway.

One way or another, we got some work done and Cookie had a blast.

"I don't know what you guys are doing or why but boy, it's fun!" she says.

Thinking what her life might have been haven't we found her and looking at her happy face, we feel very happy to have her with us.

As she gets older and wiser, hopefully it will be a little less worry and more fun for us too.

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  1. Wow, congrats to you and Cookie! So glad she fits in so well. She is such a cutie, too.

    1. She is TOO cute! LOL Not good for us. She fits in very well. Her and JD are a team and this kind of life makes her really happy. She carries Jasmine's torch faithfully.


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