We Have Picked A Vet At Our New Location

We have concluded our search and decided which of the vets at our new location is most likely worthy of taking care of our dogs!

Of course, while everything looks good on paper, you don't really know what you got until things get tough. 

But, hopefully, things will never get as tough as they did with Jasmine. And if they do, our new vet will step up to the plate.

Having to look for a new vet has caused me quite a bit of anguish but I feel good about our final choice.

The hospital is one of the very few around here which are AAHA accredited, so that should guarantee certain level of standards.

More importantly, they lived through my list of 35 questions!

They were happy to answer all of them and all the answers were perfect, except two which were satisfactory.

They generally don't have a body in the hospital during the night to watch overnight patients but they are willing to have somebody in there on request. Yes, it would cost a bit more but depending on the situation it might or might not be a good thing to do.

They don't use web-based records but are perfectly happy to provide copy of everything.

They don't offer health plans but they are thinking about it.

I also asked whether I could have a little preliminary phone call with the specific vet we wanted to work with.

We wanted her in particular because she practices integrative veterinary medicine. It almost looked like that was not going to happen as she was very busy. But eventually I got to talk to her and she made a very good impression.

So that is it. We have made our choice.

It's a major load of my back. Here is hoping that my first impressions are correct.

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  1. Wonderful news! I'm so glad you found a vet you are comfortable with and that your dogs will receive the best care.

    1. Thank you, Lindsay. Having to look for a new vet was a source of anguish for me. Took us so long to find the one we had now.

      But I feel quite good about this new one.

  2. Excellent work! Best wishes as you settle in to your new place on all fronts.

    1. Thank you, Roxanne. One of the most important things to take care of :-) Guys already have files opened there and copy of history forwarded. Microchip updated ... Hopefully I'm not missing anything important :-)


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