Not All Dog Trainers Were Created Equal Either

I often write about qualities of great veterinarians, because our many experiences taught us how important it is to find one. But what about other dog-related professionals, such as dog trainers or dog groomers?

The fact is, that every profession has its stars and those who will just leave you with a headache.

Ever had a stylist mess up your hair? A plumber rip you off? A mechanic unable to get your car going? The difference is that your hair will grow back, you can sue the plumber and you can get a new car. But what if your dog's health or well-being is at stake?

"Half of all doctors and lawyers graduated at the bottom half of their class."

It is no different with dog trainers.

While our past experiences with dog trainers and behaviorists aren't as vast as our experiences with veterinarians, sadly, they were less then stellar. The worst of them all was the veterinarian who marketed herself as an animal behaviorist as well.

At best, working with a bad trainer is a waste of time and money.

At worst, it can psychologically harm your dog and damage your relationship with your dog. That's why we grew very hesitant to consider professional help with our dogs' training or behavior.

When I was looking for a dog trainer to work with Cookie, I didn't want to make the wrong choice.

I turned to my online dog-training friends whom I know and admire to help me find one. Our final choice was the ACTT Applied Canine Therapy & Training. She came highly recommended and when I found out she was also endorsed by Dr. Stanley Coren, I was sold.

Norma Jeanne of the ACTT Applied Canine Therapy & Training, Kitchener, Ontario

Our experience exceeded our expectations.

I was still a little bit concerned until we showed up for our first class. Immediately, I could see that these people are really tuned into dogs and have great love for them. From their love comes kindness, patience and professionalism.

They train dogs using state of the art, effective, positive reinforcement techniques and they help owners to do the same. After all, dog training is mostly about people training.

Taking the classes, I gained better skills, understanding and confidence.

If you're seeking professional guidance with your dog's training or behavior issues, and live in the area, the ACTT Applied Canine Therapy & Training is an excellent choice.

I am happy I took this step with them and it made me a better dog mom.

Choosing the right dog trainer is about as important as choosing a great veterinarian. Don't settle, take the time to find one that will improve your relationship with your dog, not harm it.

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  1. We have had great luck with dog trainers. It was important for us to find a positive based trainer who understood dog behavior. When we first started looking, we found a lot of people who have been around dogs all their lives but it was difficult finding an actual, experienced, educated and trained dog trainer. I finally found one through a trainer in Oregon whom I met on FB.

    1. Nothing like having great luck! A lot of people considers themselves trainers and they might not be. Or their methods are obsolete and based on punishment, or many believe in reward/punishment combination. And even with all positive approach, one still needs to know what they're doing.


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