Dog Training And Emotions: Postscript

Recently I wrote about my observations of the role emotions play in dog training.

Yes, play bow is still Cookie's favorite trick!

Probably because it still makes me so happy.

I wanted to share something else that happened to us. This might not be true for every dog, but Cookie is a very sensitive girl.

Our place is quite small so instead of all kinds of equipment I use my body for some of the things we do. Weave between the legs, cavaletti over the legs, under under my legs ...

For over I lay down on the floor and have Cookie jump over my torso.

The other night she accidentally landed with her hind legs on my stomach. I wasn't upset but couldn't help grunt. She's small for a Rottie but if she stomps on you, you feel it.

The grunt was really a physiological response. 

Even though I then laughed and made light of it, it had a significant impact on Cookie. She became quite hesitant to do the trick again. Poor girl.

I encourage her but don't make her. Can't wait to be living on the ranch where she will have real things to jump over.

Such a little thing as one grunt and such profound impact ...

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  1. I once tripped over the tunnel sandbag in one of my first agility classes with dachshund Wilhelm. I tore my pants and skinned my knee. Despite the injury, I thought I jumped right up and kept going but that is not what Wilhelm thought. And for a breed designed to tunnel, tunnels are still his weakest agility object.

    1. It was the evil tunnel that tried to eat your leg! :-)

  2. Ah, dogs are sensitive souls aren't they. It's sweet that she was so concerned about you x

    1. They certainly are. Cookie is like Jasmine. When somebody is in trouble, she's there like a dirty shirt. Which is not the best thing when hubby gets hurt because he gets very grumpy then.

  3. Dogs do respond to grunts! Roxy use to rush the backdoor every morning, excited to get out. There are two doors -- one to the garage and the second into the yard. I am not a morning person. One morning, in her excitement she stomped on my foot at the first door. I grunted (sounding somewhere between zombie and angry bear) and pushed her off, then proceeded to the second door. She wasn't there. Instead, she remained seated at the first door and waited until called. We do it that way all the time now.

    1. Awww. Took just one "angry bear" to teach manner at the door LOL


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