Cookie's Social Date: It's Just My Name; I'm Not An Actual Cookie


  1. Poor Cookie. When we adopted Katy, she wouldn't answer to the name she was given, the only word she responded to was Cookie. I decided it would be best if she understood the difference between her name and cookie so we tried hard "C" names until she showed some interest in Katy and that stuck.

    1. She actually didn't mind :-) And the name really suits her. We were going to change her name after adoption but realized it is the perfect name for her after all.

      Because we don't use cookies--just meat or dehydrated meat--there is no confusion at home.

  2. Haha, a name can be very confusing for dogs. We had a dog named Noel that was born on Christmas morning. Every year, she would become so confused by all the music with her name in it around the holidays. It was always funny to watch her keep looking around to try to figure it out.


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