Sunday, May 4, 2014

Does Your Dog Need Dental Care?

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  1. Regular brushing your pets’ teeth and meeting a vet for the same is very necessary. If neglected their teeth can decay due to infection

  2. What is a good trick to do if your dog doesn't like having his teeth brushed? My dog is about 200 pounds, so holding him to brush his teeth is out of the question. I've tried before and he just ended up dragging me out of my house into the back yard. How can I make it more enjoyable for him or what else can I do to help him keep his teeth clean?
    -Seamus |

    1. Well, couple things:

      1. Gotta start slow
      See if you can find a dog tooth paste your dog would like. Introduce the tooth paste by itself first. Take little steps - let him sniff it first, then lick it, then try smudging some in his mouth with your finger

      2. You don't really have to use a classic tooth brush. There are finger brushes you can try (though I found that very awkward), you can just wrap your finger with gauze, or you can select a product that doesn't require brushing (there are some enzymatic gels out there like that. They kind of work but the best results are when combined with the brushing as well.

      There are also some dental chew toys out there, which you can apply a bit of the tooth paste to.