Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cookie Knows A Farm Day From A Work Day

Not long ago I marveled at Cookie's observation skills. Some of the things she learned to understand are less subtle than others but it is still cute watching her to hone information from all the little things that happen around her.

Cookie figured out our routines quite fast.

Particularly the bits that she finds of importance to her.

First thing in the morning JD goes potty. Cookie does not bother, just like Jasmine never bothered. Hubby makes his coffee. When he's done with his coffee, both guys go potty. Cookie rushes back in because it's time for breakfast. She eats her breakfast, wipes her face off (she's quite meticulous) and gets her teeth brushed.

On a work day, they get a treat and hubby goes to shower.

Cookie eats her treat, carefully listening to the sounds upstairs. Daddy walks up to the bedroom to gather clean clothes, then walks to the bathroom and then he turns on the shower. It's not until the sound of the shower when Cookie stops listening and settles down for more rest. "Daddy's going to work today."

Farm days start the same way.

JD goes potty, daddy has his coffee, both dogs go potty, then breakfast ... On farm days, there is no treat following the tooth brushing. That's a reason for excitement. "Are we going to the farm today?"

Hubby goes upstairs to get dressed but this time both dogs follow excitedly. Then they try to help daddy put his clothes on by pulling on them. Then they start wrestling with each other.

By the time they get back down they are wound up tight.

"We're going to the farm! We're going to to farm!" Then they too get dressed, which isn't all that easy with all the excited running around that's going on. Mom packs up a lunch and treats, while daddy puts some more clothes on and his boots.

Cookie probably walks five miles before even leaving the house, as she keeps pacing back and forth between mom and the door.

Finally daddy clips on the leashes.

You can see Cookie literally vibrating, "We're going! We're going! Love you mom, byeeee." I'm still amazed that they get out the door in orderly fashion. "Don't wanna do anything to mess this up."

Cookie loves the routines because they all lead to something good or exciting.

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  1. Our dogs seem to know weekdays versus weekends and get confused when we put them out in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday. That's not right :)

    1. You can't mess with the routine :-) Then nobody knows if they're coming or going.

  2. Too funny - we talked a lot about 'routines' this weekend, because our normal Saturday routine was totally upside down and the poor dogs didn't know what to do with themselves.

    1. Yeah, when the routine gets changed for whatever reason, it causes great confusions :-)

  3. It's funny to watch, especially when dogs have figured it out on their own. Jedi gets in his crate when I put on my shoes.

    1. They do figure out so many things on their own. They really pay attention to everything and quickly learn what signs have important meaning.