How I Rescued My Dog And Fell In Love

by Catherine Daniels

Before I start telling you the story of how I came to be the owner of the best dog ever, I have to share something with you, something that I am also ashamed of these days when I could not imagine my life without my trusty Edgar. Namely, I never was a dog person before, I was one of those people who saw dogs as nothing more than animals and who never understood why people would keep a dog in their home, or any other pet for that matter.

Still, all that changed two Christmases ago.

I was spending Christmas with some friends as I could not fly to see my family for work-related reasons and I admit that I got a bit tipsy that evening. I decided to walk home as I wanted to clear my head for work tomorrow and it was a cold night indeed. I buried my face in my scarf and I barely looked up during my walk home (we live close-by).

And then, just a few hundred yards from my building, I saw this little guy trying to heat himself up on some heating grates.

Remember, this was back when I was a non dog person and I intended to walk right by him when he looked up at me and actually started walking towards me.

This was a first since dogs never liked me before that (I guess they knew I was not interested in them either, it was a silent agreement between dogs and me that we had had over the years before) and I have to admit I was a bit intrigued.

I don’t know if it was his face, the fact that he was walking towards me, the cold that was more than apparent or the talks that I had with my friends over more than a few drinks, but I picked the guy up and I carried him home with me.

First I fed him to some meat that I had in the fridge, I gave him some water and then I ran him a warm bath to heat him up a bit. I didn't know what breed he was and today I know that no one would have known because he is a mutt, in the best sense of the word.

That night, he slept on my bed and it was a great night.

I noticed that he rubbed his right ear against furniture, but I did not think of it as a symptom of something at the time.

The next day I noticed he shook his head sometimes. So I got worried and in the following few days we went to see the vet, have him checked and it turned out he had an ear infection. Luckily, the vet was a great lady and she helped Edgar in no time.

Since then, we have been having so much fun that I just cannot imagine my life without him. 

Now, when I look back, I cannot believe that I never could understand why people love dogs and why people call them their best friends.


Catherine Daniels, huge animal lover, loves writing about them in spare time, enjoys hiking with her dog Cookie and cuddling with her cat Zoe. Prefers giving  them only balanced quality meals.


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