Observation Skills Of Dogs

I came to a conclusion that we, humans, will never measure up to dogs with our observation skills.

Cookie figuring things out

Is it because we are so wrapped in ourselves to really notice to world around us? Why is it that we have to learn being observant as a skill while to dogs it comes completely naturally?

We always know what WE want, and we always try to make the world behave the way we figure it ought to. We demand the world adjust to our whim. How much more could we achieve if we spent less time trying to change things and more time learning how they naturally do work?

Every once in a while I get to pay attention to realize how amazing observers dogs really are.

With Jasmine, we got used to her noticing everything. She got us truly convinced that she could read minds too. She knew things before they even began to contemplate crossing our minds. She always sat there, figuring shit out.

Now I'm seeing the same in Cookie.

And the irony of it all is how much of that goes unnoticed. It was by a coincidence when she really surprised me recently.

Normally, before we go for a walk, both hubby and I sit at our desks, doing stuff on the computer. This time I went to a bathroom and Cookie, of course, came to keep a keen eye on me. She knows how to open the door and she laid down through it so I could not close it.

Then I heard the sound of an empty coke can being put on the desk, downstairs, in the office.

I mostly noticed it because Cookie heard the sound of an empty coke can being put on the desk, downstairs, in the office!

She immediately jumped up at full attention.

At that time of the day, it means that hubby had finished his lunch and is now ready for us to go for a walk.

Here are the observations Cookie must have made to get excited about that simple sound.

  • she must have been paying attention to all the sounds in the house as they come
  • she must have learned the difference between the sounds of a coke can with yet some content in it and one that is fully empty
  • she has learned what that particular sound means at that particular time of a day

I don't know about you but I think that's pretty amazing.

After that I started paying closer attention to things she notices and assigns special meaning to. I continue to be amazed.

Does your dog ever amaze you with their observation skills?

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  1. I notice this often with our dogs. Especially our lab/Shepard mix. He knows things before we do and trys sobhatd to communicate with us.

    1. They are quite amazing, aren't they? How they learn and how they "use it against us." LOL

  2. Elka can hear something hit her food bowl from the upstairs bedroom. Empty tupperware being taken out also brings her running.

    One time, when we were sitting around the table gaming, she brought me a bag of dice from the coffee table.


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