Happy Birthday, Cookie

What do you know, today our little girl, Jasmine's heiress, turned two. 

She's been with us for six months now, and she is really loving her new home. She tries really hard to be a good girl and getting more and more successful at it.She's a total sweetie.

She got to spend her birthday doing what she loves most, horsing around at the horse farm.

She loves running and playing with JD, chasing squirrels and going for little walks.

Then she came home, wondering what she was getting for her birthday dinner.

She enjoyed her birthday cake.

Her day was concluded by a walk in the fresh snow; it was like Christmas. Very nice.

Happy birthday, Cookie.

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  1. Its great to see when people don't treat their dogs or cats etc, just like pets, and rather treat them as a family member and even celebrating their birthdays, just like cookie is. Cheers ! :D (y)


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