Living With The Dog Mamma: (Part 1) The Rest of the Story

by Jerry Rade

For those who follow this blog on regular basis, Jana’s love for dogs is obvious. And her affection for our female dogs is evident. In the background, cowering in the corner in fear, are the males of the family. Actually were not really afraid of her but we like her to think so.

Through the years that Jana has written on this blog I’ve constantly joked with her about telling her readers the true story behind her love for dogs. Well, she has taken me to task and told me that I have to write my version of the story. And, of course, from my perspective this version is the TRUE version.

So, to quote the late Paul Harvey, this is “The Rest of the Story”:

First I have to provide a little bit of my background prior to my meeting Jana for the first time. For many years I drove a truck long-haul. Although based out of Canada, most of my driving was done through the continental United States.

In 1991 I happened to be in a truck stop in Pennsylvania where someone was trying to sell a Rottweiler puppy for gas money. 

Although I never had experience with the breed, and was never really that attracted to Rottweilers, this poor sick puppy tied up with a piece of clothesline captured my heart. My initial thought was to get her nursed back to health and find a good home for her.

I gave the little girl the name Roxy, and before I could get her fully nursed back to health she captured my heart. 

Needless to say I couldn’t part with her.

Of course, I was concerned about her well-being, especially with me living in a truck, but we ended up finding ways to make things work. I made sure she got exercise every day, the customers I went to all fell in love with her so she got extra attention, and we were never separated. I always joked that Roxy had pooped in every state in the continental US and all but one of the Canadian provinces.

In 1995 I left the truck driving industry and was staying with friends who had a horse farm. Although I went to work every day, Roxy was in the company of other dogs and out in the fresh air. In my off time we were always together. She was my true buddy.

In early 1996 I met at Jana. 

I’m not quite certain on how she survived our first date, I took her to Taco Bell for our first dinner, but for some unknown reason she agreed to a second date. Then a third followed, etc.  My feelings for Jana grew but I was in a point in my life where I really didn’t trust my feelings all that much.

So, it was time for the acid test.

I took Jana to meet Roxy. From my point of view I had just met Jana, but I had known Roxy for five years.

I trusted Roxy’s instincts much better than I trusted my own.

Well, the meeting didn’t go quite as I thought it might.

Roxy came up to Jana, flopped against her, and stared up into her eyes pleading for Jana to love her. This had never happened before, nor has it happened since.

Well, that put me into quite a predicament.

I ended up having to marry Jana just so I wouldn’t lose a good dog ...

Part 2 to follow.


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  1. LOL. Wise man. Take your cues from the dog!

    1. LOL Seems to have worked out alright for him :-)

  2. Great story! It happens to us all! My current dog chose us and we had our mind set on a different pup, but she insisted that at 5 weeks old when we first had a chance to see the pups that she was coming home with us by forcing her way onto my 6 month olds lap and letting him pull on her ears and squeeze her. 2 weeks later, it was the same and she did come home with us.

  3. Wow Jerry, this is a great story and can't wait to hear the rest. You certainly made a wise choice in marrying Jana! I'm pretty fond of her indeed! You must be the greatest too, by adopting and caring for Roxy!


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