Is Cookie's Leg Finally Getting Better?

As soon as we had a plan, we started working on getting Cookie's leg back in business.

The goal was to get whatever soft tissue injury was going on healed, and compensation for the shorter leg corrected.

Our plan included physical therapy and hydrotherapy.

For enough treats, Cookie will do anything.

We started underwater treadmill twice a week. We included massages after each walk and physical therapy exercises at home. We tried to limit her craziness to our best ability. Keeping Cookie subdued is like trying to tame a tornado.

Every time it looked like the leg was doing fine, it got sore again.

The pattern was strange, though. From time to time we would let Cookie run and play with JD and the leg looked good after that. Then, being grounded for a day with the freezing rain and everything outside being straight ice, it was just a bit sore by the next day.

After that, we were quite limited with our selection of walk destinations and had no choice than keeping the guys on the leash. That is not to say that Cookie didn't do her share of bouncing at the end of it. And the leg looked good.

Finally, when it became reasonably safe, she got to go to the farm and ended up quite sore yet again.

This all had been going on for about a month.

Between the weather and trying to get the leg healed, Cookie was not happy with all the limitations at all. I find it funny how both her vets ordered rest and slow leash walks. Her physical therapy vet knows better now, having seen what Cookie looks like after intensive underwater treadmill session. For her, it's just a warm-up.

"Was she tired last time?" he'd ask. Nope, she came home bouncing of the walls ...

Last weekend we decided that she needs to get out and have some fun, whether she's going to be sore or not. For her and our own sanity's sake.

Cookie's underwater treadmill session at Mitchell Animal Hospital

She spent the two days at the horse farm.

She was restricted somewhat, but was allowed to play and run and enjoy herself.

She did not limp after!

I was so relieved! So maybe the leg is finally getting healed up. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, we continue on the other part of the plan, getting the muscles even out and get her to walk more evenly.

The physical exercises we're doing at home include the following:

Cavaletti type of exercise; I sit on the ground and have Cookie walk over my legs. It's not as fancy, but kind of practical because no equipment is needed and I can adjust the distance and height on the fly.

Figure eights; that was easy enough, because we were already doing weave between the legs as one of our canine freestyle moves. Having great fun with that.

Walking backward; figuring out how to get Cookie to do it was kind of challenging but then I found some great videos.

Whatcha-call-it; I have no idea what it's called but it was suggested by Cookie's chiropractor. It consists of front legs standing on a raised platform while the rear end is moving in a circle around it. It's a sideways movement of the rear end, I don't know if you can picture it.

At the moment, I'm just very happy that Cookie got a weekend at the farm and didn't have to pay for it with pain later.

She's a young vibrant girl and should be able to have all the fun she wants.So that is our goal.


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