Does Being Insured Mean Being Covered? Our First Claim With Trupanion

Cookie's sore leg required further diagnostics and therapy. The first thing we did when we got Cookie was to get her insured with Trupanion. Now we have made our first claim.

Filing was easy and Trupanion sent a confirmation of a received claim the same day.

They stated that they required further information and Cookie's health records and indicated that this process might take 14 days.

However, our claim has already been processed!

We filed on December 19th and on the 27th we got an email that the claim has been processed and check was in the mail. We also received couple progress report emails in between. We can also always check the status of any of our claims online.

The whole process was simple and painless.

We claimed the cost of the x-rays and the first bill we had for a bundle of 10 underwater treadmill sessions. Each invoice was from a different clinic, because there are not so many underwater treadmills out there.

Cookie's plan covers everything, including physical therapy.
We claimed total of $752.08.
Our deductible is $400.
We are getting 90% of the claim (minus taxes and minus deductible), just as the plan promises.

No giving us hard time, no trying to weasel out of paying.

They even thanked us for taking such a good care of Cookie.

Dear Jana,

We are pleased to help with Cookie's healthcare costs. Trupanion provides 90% coverage for all approved accidents and illnesses, and we’ve mailed your payment to the address above as requested. The entire Trupanion team thanks you for taking such good care of Cookie.

Very pleasant and straightforward experience. Thank you, Trupanion.


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