Cookie Meets The Electric Horse Fence And Her First Chiropractic Adjustment

The other weekend, Cookie got acquainted with the electric fence around the horse run. She was not impressed!

There are several runs at the horse farm, which are used depending on the season. Except Winter time, the horses are at the back of the property and the runs up front are empty and the fences are off.

With the Winter coming, the horses got moved.

Before that, Cookie could run anywhere she wanted, and she did. Not the rules have changed and she found out the hard way.

As much as I hated that happening to her, it's probably for the best, because she likes to chase anything that moves, which involves horses.

A kick from the fence is better than a kick from a horse.

However, that night, her rear left leg was a bit sore.

It could, of course have been from something else she did, because she is a crazy little girl on jet fuel. But we decided to pin it on the fence, as it seemed to make most sense. She runs and jumps like crazy all the time.

We gave her massages and had her take it a bit easy for a couple of days.

Getting Cookie to take it easy is a double-edges sword, though. After a few days of leash walks only, she was so wound up, that she'd lose her mind even going to potty in the yard. Her and JD would start playing as if the Earth was going to end. Then they would bring the wild play into the house too.

If she doesn't get to burn her allotment of energy and puppiness, things get easily out of hand.

It is a fine line between resting the leg and having Cookie make up for it. We did do more training and played more calm games, but that clearly was not enough. The little girl needs to run. There is no way around it.

Back when she was so very lame because of the porcupine quill in her foot, I was wondering whether we could also get Jasmine's chiropractor to check her out, just in case.

Trying not to go over board with care, we left it be. Now, though, we felt it might be a good idea to have her checked out to find out what actually happened and whether or not something might be out of alignment.

Surely enough, her pelvis did need adjusting.

There is no telling whether it was because of the fence, because of the previous lameness, or because of something else together. But we're glad we did that. Who wants to walk around with their pelvis out of proper position?

The chiropractor also determined that her right iliopsoas are sore, as well as there was some sore muscles on her shoulders. Yeah ... that again. And those are so hard to do much about ...

Everything else seems fine and apart from the adjustment, we were told to ice the area for a few days.

We do also massage it. Cookie loves the massages, the cold compresses not so much.

Cookie is young and tough, so we're hoping this will heal quickly.

Considering her escapades, we probably need to consider having the chiropractor check her out from time to time. Better to take care of problems while they're small.

Gotta take care of my little girl.

Just like Jasmine, Cookie thought that having her own visitor was great, but what was up with all the manhandling? She did well, though, only looked back when a sore spot was found, that's how I could tell those places hurt.

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  1. Ohh poor dog :( that got electrified

    Welcome to join my blog

    1. Well, seems to be the fate of dogs at farms. Each of our guys got zapped at one point or another. Some learned quickly, some needed to repeat the experience.

      Hoping that one time was enough for Cookie to learn.

    2. Hope that too :) he is a smart boy :p

  2. Kol used to scare the ever living woof out of me with our horses. We didn't have electrified fences, so we had to teach them to be horse smart. Kol *insisted* on trying to get into the stall with my Muller and he had no issue trying to race Mull across the feild. After the first scare where I thought Mull was going to trample him, I out the kibosh on it and had a tie out hung the length of the barn and the length of one of the side by side paddocks, so they could hang out together, separated by the fences.

    I hope Cookie got the message and her aches start to feel better soon!


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