Memories Of Jasmine: Jasmine's Ranch

Jasmine loved the outdoors. Every year, we would take her camping and it was the best part of the year for her. Outside all day, the whole pack together, what could be better than that?

The place we used to go to was awesome. So awesome, that every year it became busier and busier.

And as it was becoming busier, we had to restrict Jasmine's freedom more and more, so nobody would complain.

And that's when I got the idea.

Hubby always kept talking about wanting to get a property up North for his retirement. But why would we have to wait? What if we got a property right away?

Then we could abandon the busy campground and have a place of our own, where Jasmine could have all the freedom once again.

We started looking. Besides the location, the main criteria was, obviously, size. It needed to be big enough for the dogs to run and play and go for walks.

And then hubby found a 80 acre property offered for a reasonable price, adjacent to farm land and crown land. Of course, such a large property for a great price, there had to be a catch. The catch was that the place was in a pretty bad shape.

Somebody bought it to cut all the trees and then sell it again.

Not just that; they took the wood they wanted and let the rest laying all over the place. They also brought in the heavy equipment when it was very wet, so if you didn't break a leg on a pile of logs, you broke it in a deep rut.

There would be a lot of work ahead of us, make the place usable. Hubby was worried about what I was going to think. But a land is a land is a land, isn't it? I'm not afraid of work.

The place was meant for Jasmine, so she would have to final say.

Jasmine always loved new places. She always got all excited, eager to explore the new territory. When she set her foot on he ranch, though, it was different.

She looked as if she was coming home.

As if the place had her name on it all along. As if she had an ancient relationship with the place. That settled it.

Officially, Jasmine got the place for her fourth birthday.

It was clearly the best birthday present she ever got. She loved the place so much, she was happier there than anywhere else. And after her drug-induced hyperthermia disaster, it was the ranch that brought her back to life.

I am happy that Jasmine got to enjoy the place at least for a few years. It brought her much happiness. Perhaps now, she can go and spend time there any time she likes.


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  1. Join the club she was obviously a wonderful dog, you have been seduced by this wonderful breed . I have had them for 40 years now and agree with all you say a very very special dog.
    l could tell you my tales all day and then all year l have that many but lm sure you know what l mean.
    Great site good luck to you.


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