Veterinary Highlights: Dogs Needed For Canine Atopic Dermatitis Study

Was your dog diagnosed with atopic dermatitis?

The Dermatology Service at North Carolina State University’s Veterinary Health Complex is offering owners free veterinary services valued at $300 if their dogs qualify for participation in a study of a novel therapy that could help dogs suffering from canine atopic dermatitis.

The two-phase clinical trial, which will take place over an eight to 12-week period, will test the efficacy of an injected drug developed to calm nerve endings responsible for chronic itching.

The treatment will consist of an injection that will block a key molecule—the Nerve growth factor or NGF—that is responsible for the growth of nerve endings. The idea is that a single administration of NGF antibody will reduce allergy-related itch and postpone onset of a flare-up.

Owners interested in enrolling a dog in this study, should call the NC State Dermatology Service at (919) 513-6543 or email

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Dermatology Service Seeks Participants for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Study