Saturday, June 8, 2013

Show Off Your Dog's Waistline: Penny

Who would have a better understanding of the importance of healthy body condition than a animal physical therapist? You might know Sue from the awesome articles she wrote for Dawg Business. Penny is her baby.

Age is not a reason why a dog couldn't be thin.

Name: Penny
Sex: female
Breed: Tweenie" Dachshund
Age: 12

Penny is a senior "Tweenie" Dachshund:  in "between" a miniature and a standard.  She weights about 17.5 pounds.  This made it a bit more of a challenge as we originally thought she was a miniature. When we first got her, that's what the breeder billed her as. She obviously has some standard Dachshund somewhere along the way in her bloodline.

We are working hard on keeping Penny fit because of the numerous problems the Dachshund breed has in terms of obesity and intervertebral disc disease.

We are accomplishing this by nutrition, activity and exercise. I mix in a portion of reduced calorie dry food with her Dachshund-specific brand that we use. We keep Penny active with lots of long walks controlled with the leash and harness, hunting & hiking and exploring in the yard. I also do core strengthening exercises with Penny at least three times per week.

It's your turn!

Take a photo of your dog's waistline (and dig up some old "before" photos for comparison, if you have any!), and share your story about how you're keeping them fit. If you have a blog, blog it, if not, email me and get your story featured on Dawg Business.

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