Memories Of Jasmine: Camping

Jasmine loved her daily walks and hikes. Right from the start she taught me how important that was to her. So we did that, rain or shine. There was no excuse that would justify not going out.

What could there have been that was better than walks?


WITH walks, of course.

When the bipeds started filling the kitchen with strange boxes and bags of all shapes and sizes, Jasmine was curious.

“Watcha guys doing? Are we redecorating?”

Then the truck got this big white house-like thing hooked up to it and all the boxes and bags got loaded into it.

Not redecorating, then. Feeding the white house-like thing.

We all got into the truck and went for a ride, taking the truck’s new friend along. For a long ride. For a very long ride. The furthest hiking trails were about an hour off and Jasmine knew the way. But we were going somewhere else and just kept driving. Did the bipeds forget where to go for a walk? Or were they trying to find a new place?

If they were looking for a place, though, they weren’t doing a very good job seeing them.

“Look, guys, there is a great looking stretch of woods right here! Guys! Don’t you see it? You missed it! Ok, never mind, there is another one over there. Guys? Are you not seeing it? How do you not see it?”

The bipeds must have lost their minds.

Finally they pulled over and everybody got out of the truck. It was an ok place but we passed some that looked much better. More importantly, we went for a short walk, got back into the truck and back on the road we were. But they weren’t going back to the den, they just kept going. Perhaps they realized that place wasn’t so great and went on looking for a better one? But yet again, they just kept passing them all. This started to get very frustrating. They just couldn’t tell a great hiking spot if their lives depended on it and wouldn't take an advice either.

Eventually Jasmine gave up on the bipeds making any sense and went to lay down.

After about an eternity of driving, finally they turned onto a rough, bumpy road. That was a good sign! Rough bumpy roads meant whatever fun place they were going to, we were there! Jasmine looked outside. There was a lake and a bunch of woods. Looked good!

The bipeds found a pretty good spot in the woods and parked. Finally we were there! 

To their credit, the place looked pretty awesome.

They pulled out the boxes and bags out of the white house-like thing. They put up couple of fabric domes. And while the furry biped was playing with those things, mom offered a walk. Upon further investigation the place really looked great. Ok, perhaps the long ride was worth it after all.

The biggest surprise came when it started to get dark and we weren’t going home! 

Instead, we had dinner and hung around in one of those dome-shaped things. Could it be that this was our new home? It surely looked that way, because we went to bed there too. Fantastic!

And time went on and we were staying in this great new place now! 

We got up in the morning and went for a walk to the beach. Then there was breakfast, we hung around a bit, checking out the critter smells and then went for a walk again. And that’s how the days went. Walks, splashing in the lake, perimeter patrols. The whole pack together all the time, doing all these fantastic things.

Life was good.

The dome-shaped things were quite good too. They provided shade, protection from rain and bugs, but you could see outside and all the sounds and smells could easily flow in. The ground was all sand, so one could adjust it to their liking.


Unfortunately, some time later, the bipeds loaded all the bags and boxes back into the white house-like thing and went for another long drive. Even worse, we ended up back at the den in the city. Jasmine could not understand how the bipeds could be so dumb. Finally they found this perfect place to live, why the heck did we go back to town?

Sometimes one just can’t even begin to try to understand the things bipeds do.

Fortunately, after the moon went across the sky certain amount of times, the kitchen started filling with the boxes and bags again!

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Meet Jasmine


  1. Such a beautiful girl... lovely memories.

    1. She will forever be the most beautiful girl in the universe to me.

  2. What a fun adventure!!

    Loved all the pictures,

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. She just loved that stuff. Outside? All the time? With everybody? What can be better than that!

  3. Oh, that looks like a lovely time. I love the picture of her with the dirt on her nose! What a nice memory to cherish.

    I would love to try camping with Rita, but I'm sure she'd bark at every little noise (she's always on very high alert!) and the other campers would run us out of camp!

    1. You won't know for sure until you try. Also depends on the camp. This one was quite nice, each site semi-private with trees around it. Also timing helps. Going on Friday doesn't work well, as camp is full and everybody is partying. We always went Sunday to Friday.

  4. Enjoying camping with us is, at times, the ultimate in how much our dogs trust us in whatever crazy stuff we do! Thanks for sharing the great memories.

    1. LOL Actually, the camping part made perfect sense to her. It was the insanely long ride she couldn't understand. Only the first time, though. Then she knew what it meant.

  5. What a lovely trip down memory lane. Jas is so adorable with that dirt on her nose.

    I used to hike/camp with Beau. I'm sure Bella would be game but I can't quite convince Jan of its merits. ;)

    1. I love the memories we have and I love going through them. It's like being there again.

  6. She looks very happy camping and playing outside. Chester and Gretel love it too.

    1. Thank you, Jessica. Yes, she loved spending time outdoors, be it camping, the horse farm, her ranch or walks and hikes. Spending a whole day outside was her ideal.

  7. She is so beautiful. I must say you had great time with her!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, we had many wonderful memories.


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