Memories Of Jasmine: Best Buddies

Jasmine first met Ty, the Boxer, when she was a year old. Ty was a year older. I remember it as if it was yesterday.

It was a love at first sight.

We were coming down the path to where it met another. Across, there was a girl with a Boxer. I called out whether he was friendly and she said he was.

As he saw Jasmine, he crouched down in the pray stalker position and then he took off towards us. He was running at Jasmine very hard and I got worried about my little girl, ready to intervene. It didn't seem to have bothered her, though. As he got close, she did a hop side ways and they both got running.

They spent the rest of the walk running together.

The girl was new in town and happy to have found a friend for her dog. We agreed that it would be great if our dogs could meet regularly and set the next play date.

The more Ty and Jasmine got to hang out together, the closer they got.

They didn't chase one another, they would run side by side, whether it was with a stick or just because. They had the best of times together.

I remember one time we had a walk in pouring rain. Jasmine didn't mind rain at all, Ty did. When it was even drizzling, it was impossible to get him out of the house. This time, though, it started raining just when we started our walk. That was Ty's first time outside in the rain. He saw that Jasmine didn't care, and he saw that they still could have fun. And so they played in the rain.

We stayed the entire hour, happy the dogs had a good time and figuring we got so wet within first five minutes we couldn't get any wetter anyway. (We were wrong about that, btw. When I came home, even my underwear was completely drenched.)

The first time Ty visited our home, Jasmine thought it was the most natural thing ever. 

When instead of each of us going our own way we all started walking towards our house, it was very clear that Jasmine thought that we finally figured that out. I don't know how I would explain it but I knew that's what she was thinking.

When we got in, first she showed him around the whole place. She took him upstairs, downstairs to the basement and wanted to show him the yard too, so I let them out. Then they settled side by side, their stubby tails wagging together, synchronized.

As time went on, though, the play dates became more and more sparse.

I don't care what anybody says, Jasmine knew time. She knew there was more and more time between the play dates and it was making her sad. The more excited she was to see them, the sadder she was when they were leaving.

That was when I decided she ought to have her own beck and call buddy.

I knew that Ty couldn't be replaced but at least she'd have a friend on her own. After her knee injury, Ty passed to lymphoma and she never got to see him again, until, hopefully now.

I hope they're having a great time again, over the Rainbow Bridge.


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  1. oh my goodness, this made me cry. Friends together, again.

    1. Hi Rebekah, thank you. Yes, I still cry every day. I so hope that they get to be happy together again now.

  2. Sweet story. Our Sally had a boyfriend too...a big Borzoi named Rudy. Dogster recently published the story.

    1. I don't know if it was that kind of love, or BFF kind of love. But it certainly was love. They were so happy and so comfortable together. It was so great to watch them together.

      JD and Jasmine loved each other too, but it was certainly different. There was a GSD she also loved, all together differently as well, she thought the GSD was the queen of the universe. Very submissive but so very happy to be around her too.

      With Ty, I think they were doggy soul mates.

  3. Great story about those two. I love the pictures of them. They look so happy. I've been thinking of you a lot, and I can only imagine how much you miss sweet Jasmine.

    1. They were totally happy together. So comfortable too.

      Yeah, I miss her terribly. Going through the photos and videos helps some.

    2. It's nice that you have so many videos and photos of her.

    3. I am very thankful for having all those. I wish we had more. But then I was thinking moderation, as my thought was - let's pay attention to the dog, rather than fiddling with the camera. Made sense at the time.

      Either way, I'm very happy we have at least as much as we do.


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