Friday, May 3, 2013

Veterinary Highlights: Regenerative Medicine For Treatment Of Urinary Incontinence Study

American Kennel Club's Canine Health Foundation has listed a grant for research of treatment of urinary incontinence with multipotent muscle cells.

Having our own direct experience with regenerative medicine, such research is always very exciting to me.

Urinary incontinence affects more than 20% of spayed female dogs. It is typically caused by dysfunction of the muscles controlling the urethral sphincter.

There are, of course, treatments out there, from hormone therapy, drugs to strengthen the muscle tone of the urethral sphincter, collagen injections, surgery ...

Some of them I'd be more likely to consider than others.

What if injections of muscle progenitor cells into the damaged urethral sphincter could restore normal function?

Some existing evidence is behind this project, which is to determine how effective this procedure really might be.

This is certainly one of the things I'll be keeping my eyes on.

Source article: Treatment of Urinary Incontinence with Multipotent Muscle Cells: A Regenerative Medicine Approach to a Common Canine Health Problem

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