Memories Of Jasmine: Remix 2

This footage is very special to us, because it followed the first blow of medical disasters. Jasmine was five years old when her knee cruciate got torn, and it was at that time when for a horrid week we though the might have cancer when a mass in her abdomen was found. The mass turned out being from IBD. Arthritis was found all over her body.

Two knee surgeries, stem cell treatment, some serious dietary changes, and intensive rehabilitation, that was the first time when we brought her back to having a full life.

I was so exciting to have our puppy back after all that!

This photo was taken after her cruciate tear diagnosis, waiting for biopsy results.
We didn't know whether that was going to be her last happy photos.
She had five full and happy years after that.

That was our first major battle, which we won. We won many battles after that, except the last one, which couldn't have been won any more.

Baby, I so wish we could have brought you back just one more time!


  1. This video is so special, thank you for sharing it. I love her short, happy runs and she looks like she's having the best day, just exploring.

    1. The one comfort is, she had a lot of happy times such as these. She didn't waste one minute, she lived it up to the fullest.

  2. You loved her and cared for her as best as you could and she knew that. Time is up for us all at some point and the main thing is that there are no regrets and you should not have any, I am sure she did not as she could feel your love.

    1. Thank you, Emma. We always made all decisions for her with what's the best thing to do for her in mind.

      She certainly was smothered in love.


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