Sunday, March 24, 2013

Haunted By A Stinky Vacuum?

I remember a discussion we had on twitter, about stinky vacuum cleaners. It seems, that no matter what brand you have, it will get stinky sooner or later.

I am not completely sure whether this is just a problem of households with dogs.

But we get haunted by the stinky vacuum.

I've gone through a several, different kinds. Some designed specifically for homes with pets, some designed with fancy filters. The only kind I haven't tried yet is those with water filtration. Those, I suppose, should theoretically remain odor-free.

I also admit that I haven't met a vacuum which I wouldn't hate emptying.

What's up with that? We live in the age of technology and we can't invent a vacuum the emptying of which would not be a total messy nightmare? I guess not. (again, I cannot speak for water filtration vacuums)

Vacuuming with a stinky vacuum cleaner, besides the stink itself, just doesn't feel right. You can't help to think about what kind of nasty mess you are dispersing in the air along with the stink.

Then our vacuum died and hubby brought in a replacement, refurbished Filter Queen.

Ok, I didn't really like the looks of it and emptying it isn't any more pleasant than with any other vacuum.

But three years going and no stink!

The filtration system looks very simple, almost crude. No fancy this and fancy that. But it works!

I don't know how much a new one would cost, but we got ours for couple hundred bucks, because it wasn't new.

If you too are haunted by stinky vacuum, get Filter Queen. Truly.

Oh, and if you're worried about suction, Filter Queen sucks. In a good way. After all, if a vacuum doesn't suck, it blows.


This post is not sponsored in any way, I just wanted to share my joy of vacuum cleaner that doesn't stink, no matter how much mess you put through it.


  1. Congrats on a the great vacuum - it's an important tool in our home too. We have a Rainbow.

  2. We have the Dyson totally sucks and doesn't really smell, but mom puts out some baking soda now and then and vacuums it up which seems to help with odor.

  3. No smells from a water filtration vacuum unit either.

  4. Glad to know about this, Amy. Thanks. I'm having pretty good results right now by thoroughly washing all the innards once a month & making SURE everything is completely dry before reassembling. But I'll think about the Filter Queen when then one dies.

  5. Great info, Amy. Thanks. I'm having pretty good success by washing all the innards once a month and making SURE all is completely dry before reassembling. I'll keep the Filter Queen in mind when this one dies.