Friday, February 8, 2013

Veterinary Highlights: Full-Service Weight Loss App For Dogs - Soft Launch

You might know Dr. Khuly from the Dolittler Blog, her awesome articles on petMD, or VetStreet.

Dr. Khuly is passionate about the topic of dog obesity and made it her life's mission to get our dog population thinner.

She spent most of 2012 developing an iPhone app to help tackle the huge and growing problem of obesity in dogs.

It’s hard for veterinarians to provide individualized easy-to-follow guidelines when calorie counts on dog food and treats are so tough to find on commercial packaging. But it’s also because the quantity of food and exercise dogs require to achieve weight loss can be challenging to calculate in the context of a time-limited veterinary visit.

The Fat Dog Diet is here to help!

The app, called The Fat Dog Diet has now soft launched, and it is available on iTunes.

 Using the app is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is
  1. Enter your dog’s personal information, including his or her name, age, weight, gender, breed, spay/neuter status, preferred food and treats, current shape or target weight, and your vet’s email address (optional but highly recommended).
  2. Receive a customized list of daily goals for safe and effective weight loss, including food amounts, treat quantities, and recommended minutes of vigorous exercise.
  3. Record your dog’s daily doings (optional) and weekly weights (NOT optional).
You will also find graphs detailing your dog's progress.

It is a soft launch, and we can actually help Dr. Khuly to fine-tune and improve it!

To communicate, check out The Fat Dog Diet's website, follow the Fat Dog Diet on Twitter or like the Fat Dog Diet's Facebook page.

And once you reached your dog's goal body condition, you can show off their new waistline in my Show Off Your Dog's Waistline campaign!

Let's see those pounds shed!

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  1. There really IS an app for everything these days, isn't there...