Saturday, February 2, 2013

Show Off Your Dog's Waistline: JD

A waistline looks good on boy dogs too!

Name: JD
Sex: male
Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 5

Keeping JD at an ideal weight was relatively easy. He's been healthy, and more importantly, we knew what we were doing and we didn't want to repeat the mistakes we made with Jasmine, not noticing that she was becoming heavier than she should have been.

We knew that a Rottweiler does not need to fill in.

Well, OK, hubby still feels that JD is too skinny. "So when do you figure he's TOO thin?" he asks. And I say, "When the vet tells me he's too skinny." JD has been maintaining about the same weight since he hit two years of age.

With JD we knew what we wanted to see in terms of his waistline and tummy tuck, and we knew that we wanted to feel his ribs.

It was easier because we only had to maintain good weight.

I do admit, that when he gets kibble (premium, grain-free), his portions look ridiculously tiny. Rehydrated freeze-dried portions look more like it's worth of getting the bowl dirty.

Of course, JD gets plenty of exercise, because being Jasmine's protector, and a play toy, is a full time job. Both our guys get plenty of home-made beef jerky treats. JD likes carrots too.

JD on the day he joined our family
It's your turn!

Take a photo of your dog's waistline (and dig up some old "before" photos for comparison, if you have any!), and share your story about how you're keeping them fit. If you have a blog, blog it, if not, email me and get your story featured on Dawg Business.

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