Veterinary Highlights: PawCheck Urine Home Tests

Regular wellness exams are crucial for early detection of deadly diseases such as diabetes or kidney failure. Young healthy dogs should get checked out at least annually, older dogs at least semi-annually. But there is still at least half a year in between.

Urine contains all kinds of useful information, that's why your vet always wants to examine your dog's pee when you come for a regular check-up.

Would checking more frequently help your peace of mind?

Now there is a new urine home-test kit out there, which allows just that.

The PawCheck urine strips are patented test devices specifically designed for home use.
  • The PawCheck Diabetes Test checks for glucose (sugar) in your pet’s urine, a common finding in diabetic pets.
  • The PawCheck Kidney Failure Test looks for protein in the urine that can be an indication of kidney disease.
  • The PawCheck Urinary Tract Infection Test screens for blood, white blood cells and nitrites in urine, substances that can be indicative of infection.

I think that's pretty cool.

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Screen Your Pet for Diabetes, Kidney Disease and More Without Leaving Home


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