Show Off Your Dog's Waistline: The Lab Gang

by Leslie Fisher

Talley my seven-and-a-half year old English Lab. She is currently on one cup of life's abundance twice a day.

She runs off leash at least four times a week in a field close to our house She also swims in a pond when the weather allows. Additionally, we play fetch in the front yard on a daily basis, combining down/wait then go find it with her frisbee or ball. We also go for walks on leash around the neighborhood for ongoing training.

Talley does not get fed from a dish as she gobbles her food.

We have a pet supply business geared towards products I recommend in my dog training and behavior modification. Talley gets fed from a variety of the interactive toys we have on hand. Most recently we have been using the green slow feeder and really love that.

In the photo, Talley is working on getting a treat lodged in the center of a tizzi  toy So this is an example of one of the interactive things we would give all of our dogs to play with on a daily basis.

Bridget will be seven in February, she is an American Lab. 

Bridget is the most streamlined of all three labs,  always has been. She has a very high drive. She comes from a line of field lab hunting champions on both sides. As a puppy, Bridget was donated to canine partners for life to be trained for service dog work. Released at 16 months of age, when she developed a seizure disorder, and then a little bit later pancreatitis.

Bridget also loves to run off leash, even though a little less frequently as she is becoming arthritic. She also goes on walks with board/train dogs and works as my demo dog classroom assistant. She is a certified therapy dog, and we visit the local hospital twice a month. Bridget thrives on brain games, particularly find it missions.

Bridget gets 2 cups twice a day of pet value storebrand performatrin Low-fat low-protein for her pancreatitis, with about half a cup of Life's Abundance mixed in daily. She gets requent frozen stuffed treats in tux toys with a mixture of low-fat cottage cheese plain yogurt mashed banana grated carrots or apples and peanut butter.

Doobie is an American Lab approaching I guess eight years of age.

Doobie was rescued from a puppy mill at the age of four. He gets one cup twice-daily of Life's Abundance.

Doobie loves regular off-leash runs at the field close to our house, and frequent walks with board/train dogs. He needs lots of mentally stimulating activities and something to chew on every day.

He has the least amount of waistline of all three Labs, and could probably stand to lose a few pounds. Looks a lot different than the 50 pound bag of bones I first laid eyes on.

Pictured L to R:  Doobie, Talley and Bridget, on sit/wait cue during game of fetch.

Leslie Fisher is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT), CPDT-KA CGC Evaluator ABC Student Mentor and member of APDT, MAAPPPT, TrulyDogFriendly. She brought her first dog home at the age of 5, and she shared her life with dogs since and is presently owned by three labs, Doobie, Talley and Bridget.

Leslie has founded Look What I Can Do! Dog Training in December of 2006 ahich quickly became a big success. I addition she volunteers for Lab Rescue of the LRCP, Inc doing post adoption home checks an dproviding assistance with behavioral issues. Her goal is educating clients that positive, force-free training produces happy, willing dogs and a wonderful dog-human relationship.

Leslie also started a pet supplies business, geared towards products she recommends in her dog training and behavior modification.

You can also connect with Leslie on Twitter or Facebook.