Jasmine's Disc Injury: Spanking New Ramp

From the moment Jasmine did get her parole, she's been a happy girl again.

No more sadness in Jasmine's face
She's her crazy self again, not realizing that she IS supposed to take it easy still. As scary as it might be to us, it is good to see her vibrant and full of life again. Though we have to watch and make sure she doesn't do anything to re-injure herself, particularly since the hind left leg doesn't work the way it should yet.

It's been quite a task, because she wants to do what she normally would.

She seems to be feeling good; we were able to stop the Tramadol all together, and she's now on a 1/4 prednisone every other day until we run out.

On Saturday she even got to go to the horse farm again. 

Did that ever make her happy! I tagged along to chaperone and was that ever needed! She is ready to rumble; at least she thinks she is.

This also gave us opportunity to shoot some pictures of Jasmine's new ramp.

We've had a ramp for getting in and out of the house ever since Jasmine's first knee surgery. But now we needed one for getting safely in and out of the bus too. Jasmine got comfortable with it; she'll accept anything that gets her places.
Hubby built it all by himself.

In our experience, dogs and ramps get along quite well, even though our first attempt to make a ramp for getting in and out of a vehicle failed miserably - the ramp was too narrow and too short, which made the incline too steep. Jasmine didn't like it and neither did I. Didn't feel safe to either of us.

So this time we made sure it is wide enough, and long enough.

Easier to do now too. The bus has a enough room for a huge ramp, our previous vehicle did not. I actually found a place which does sell ramps that look good, come in large enough sizes and fold in half. But making one was cheaper, and more importantly, faster.

Price was not on Jasmine's list of required criteria but speed certainly was.


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  1. Wondering if you're going to follow up with step by step instructions on how to build a ramp like this? :)

    1. Yeah, I know, right? Unfortunately, don't have any photos or videos because when hubby was building this I was at home watching sick Jasmine.

      We'll see what we can do, though; could do at least instructions.

  2. Yea, Jasmine! So glad to hear she's feeling like her old self. We are also trying to keep Bella from re-injuring/making an injury worse and it would be so much easier if we could just tell them why zoomies aren't a good idea at this time. Good luck with keeping Jasmine from running around too much.

    I love your ramp. I don't suppose you have plans to share how you made it, do you?

    1. We did "tell" Jasmine, though an animal communicator... she won't hear none of that LOL So I suspect that even if she spoke English she still would have none of that.

      Yeah, gotta do a DYI post, huh? At least instructions, since we didn't have a chance to take photos or videos of the building.


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