Friday, December 14, 2012

Veterinary Highlights: First-Of-It's Kind Muscle Transplant

After falling off a platform bed, Bella, a Border Collie, suffered a serious injury and lost the use of her right front leg. Veterinarians were stumped and couldn't agree on what was wrong and how to treat it.

Bella before surgery. (Source: WHDH/NBC)

Then Bella made her way to the Angell Animal Medical Center.

At the Angell Center, Dr. Mike Pavletic, a recognized leader in veterinary reconstructive surgery, transplanted muscle tissue from Bella's back to replace the damaged triceps muscle a trained it to take over its new job.

Three months after her surgery, with the help of physical therapy, Bella regained the use of the leg.

Source article:
At Angell, muscle transplant billed as first of its kind allows dog to walk again

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