Jasmine's Disc Injury(?) Day Two

The first day was completely heartbreaking. Jasmine was in so much pain.

Jasmine. Archive photo.

We'd hoped the morphine injection would make her comfortable but it barely took the edge off.

The whole rest of the day and during the night she was in pain. We were to expect her drinking more with the steroids but she didn't want to drink anything at all.

At dinner time, I offered her a piece of steak, she took it but looked like she was going to choke on it. I offered smaller pieces but she didn't want them.

As I put it away, though, she looked as if she changed her mind, so I offered some again and she ate it this time, as well as some of her food. I was feeding her from my hand so she wouldn't have to move her head eating.

At least her food has high enough water content, so she got some into her that way.

Much of the time Jasmine would just stand there, unable to find comfort. When she did lay down, she'd often cry out moving her head.

She got more of the pain pills but nothing seemed to have been making much of a difference last night.

It wasn't until early morning that she finally drank some, when I held the bowl right under her mouth, to minimize the movement needed.

After her next pain pill she finally fell asleep.

And then, the next day, she suddenly she looked better! Her gait looked ALMOST normal, she ate her breakfast all by herself. It seemed she was in substantially less pain.

As the day went on, she looked more and more comfortable.

No more crying in pain when trying to get comfortable, no more standing on her bed not knowing how to lay down without pain. She seemed to be moving her head freely, even licked her feet, her knee and groomed herself a bit.

All ready to go at a drop of the hat, as usually.

But then, she was excited to go to see her vet the first day too, as much pain she was in.

Her vet felt bad there wasn't more he couldn't do for her. "Here you come in, wearing your white coat, but you didn't do anything for me," he said to her, telling her he understood how she felt.

But now, Jasmine looks 90% improved! *knock on wood

Could it be that it isn't a disc problem after all?

The prognosis we were given was to expect overall a 25 % improvement by day 4, 50% by day 6, 75% by day 10 and, hopefully, 100% by day 21. It's day 2 and we are way ahead of the schedule.

So hopefully, fingers crossed, maybe it's something less serious?

We are praying it is, while worrying about a downturn or a set back. But for now, she's had a good day, so we take that. The only worrisome issue at this moment is that she hasn't gone poop in almost 48 hours now. So we have to keep an eye on that also.

Note: so far we are not seeing any marked side effects of the steroids. She will be on the high dose only for 5 days, then gradually weaned off.


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  1. We hope with you. One thing is for sure: she'll always surprises us!

    1. That she does, not always with good things, though. But she is a tough girl. Thank you for hoping with us!

  2. Fingers and paws crossed that this is NOT so serious and all will be well SOON!

  3. We are all hoping for Jasmine's continued improvement.

    1. Thank you so much! As she's feeling better, gotta make her take it easy, which will not be an easy task.

  4. My fingers and toes are crossed for you all that it is some much easier to handle. I guess you just have to take it a day at a time. Hopefully she has more good ones than bad in the future.

    1. Thank you, Kristine. Jasmine is looking so sad now :-(


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