Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Jasmine Gets Everything She Wants

Can you see why Jasmine gets everything she wants?

We typically take a camera out on the walks or pull it out for special events, so catching a cozy moment isn't very likely to happen. This was filmed at the end of Jasmine's acupuncture session (which I still have to process).

Jasmine knows exactly how to make people do her bidding.

You make them all mushy until they become totally pliable. One needs to sacrifice SOME dignity but hey, it's worth it.

Jasmine is a grand master in turning people into mush.

I think it's part of her world domination plan.

(Note: if you see me waving my hand in the video, that's because hubby was filming ME also, which he was specifically instructed not to do. But I managed to crop myself out)


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  1. Look at here work that! She knows exactly what to do...Felix is like that too. He's got everyone pretty much wrapped around his fuzzy little paw.

    1. Yup, it's a skill, isn't it? Hubby always wishes he could can that LOL

  2. LOL! It looks like Jasmine is Queen of the Mushy Makers! Boy, she really has that down!

    1. If it was an Olympic discipline ... LOL She is SO good at it :-)

  3. Yup! She definitely seems to like touch! :)