Veterinary Highlights: The Golden Idea For Prostate Cancer In Dogs?

Prostate cancer (adenocarcinoma) isn't very common (about 1% of all malignant tumors found in dogs) but it is aggressive with a high incidence of metastases. It affects both intact and neutered dogs.

There has been no golden treatment for prostate cancer in dogs.

Surgery is typically not a good solution and traditional radiation treatment and high-dose chemotherapy, that is required, come with serious side effects. The treatment might destroy or shrink the tumor, but also damage vital organs.

What if the golden treatment was literally that—golden?

Scientists at MU College of Veterinary Medicine have developed a new type of treatment for prostate cancer in dogs, using radioactive gold nanoparticles. These nanoparticles can deliver the radiation treatment directly to the tumor, leaving other organs alone.

This could guarantee maximum therapeutic outcome with minimal side effects.

Certainly interesting research.

Source article:
Gold Nanoparticle Prostate Cancer Treatment Found Safe in Dogs, Study Shows