Veterinary Highlights: Nutriscan - Dog Food Sensitivity Kit

"Nutrition is the key to a healthy immune system and resistance to disease."
Does your dog suffer from non-seasonal skin issues? How about irritable bowel syndrome?
Food allergies are the talk of the decade and elimination diets, hypoallergenic diets, novel protein and limited ingredient diets are a topic of every other dog conversation.

Is the problem food allergies, or food sensitivity and intolerance?

Why split hairs? The fact is, that the problem is in the food.

Elimination trials are one answer.

The problem is, that this process can be cumbersome, takes quite a long time to get results and it often meets with poor compliance.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a shortcut solution?

Perhaps there is. NutriScan.

NutriScan is a new, patented food intolerance and dog food sensitivity testing system. No blood is needed, all it takes is your dog's saliva.

NutriScan tests for 20 most common food allergens; beef, corn, wheat, soy, milk (cow), lamb, venison, chicken, turkey, white fish, egg (hen), barley, millet, oatmeal, salmon, rabbit, rice, quinoa, potato, peanut (peanut butter).

It is definitely easier, and it is supposed to be superior to other testing methods (such as serum-based food allergy testing).

I think, that if your dog is suffering from food-related skin problems or digestive problems, it just won't hurt to take NutriScan for a test ride.

I am curious enough myself, that I plan on getting this done for Jasmine, as soon as we have some extra money. Maybe we will learn something new and maybe we will discover a way of improving her life.

Did you get the NutriScan test done for your dog? How did it work for you?


  1. Wow, interesting product. We had blood tests and later scratch tests done before we realized how wildly inaccurate they can be. The price is certainly right, all things considered. I might have Felix's panels done, just for curiosity sake.

    1. Yeah, certainly curious, isn't it? If you do have it done, let me know.


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