Thundershirt vs. Jasmine's Episodes

Jasmine's episodes of pacing, panting, and general distress, are one of the things that remain elusive, in spite of our best efforts to get to the bottom of it.

We tried just about everything.

That even includes a consultation with not one, but two animal communicators. The last one came up with quite an impressive assessment, talking about specific things she couldn't know or make up.

One of her suggestions was trying a snug wrap.

While I do think that Jasmine does get quite stressed during the episodes, I don't feel that stress is the trigger but rather a consequence. That said, no harm in trying things that can only help, is there?

So I ordered the Thundershirt to see if that might help to reduce the stress and discomfort.

The price is quite reasonable and I know people who had great results for their dogs' anxieties and phobias.

When I opened the package, I was pleased with the feel of the material used, very soft and comfy to the touch, with a good stretch to it. It had quite a strong chemical smell to it, though, which I did not like. I decided it was best to give it a good wash first.

When I located the label to see washing instructions, I have to say I was quite disappointed to find out that it was made in China. I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised.

Still, though, I was hoping for a North American product ...

That said, I think it is well designed and easy to adjust how tight you think you want it.

Thundershirt 0 : Jasmine's episodes 3

The next time Jasmine had one of her episodes, I pulled out the Thundershirt and put it on her. She had no objections and seemed quite comfortable having it on.

The first time it looked like it might have helped, as eventually, Jasmine did settle down. The problem with evaluating what worked and what didn't is that the episodes can last anywhere between half an hour to 24 hours, and, sooner or later, they go away on their own.

There was plenty of times when we felt something was working, just to find out that it was just a coincidence.

With the potentially positive effect the first time we tried, I didn't hesitate to put the Thundershirt on Jasmine when the next episode came.

Unfortunately, there was no response then, or the next time after that.

That was disappointing because I was hoping that it could help at least with the secondary stress. I might try it again, as there is no harm in it, but I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps it might be helpful when the episode is mild; even a body massage can get things settled down sometimes. When the episode is strong enough, though, nothing has worked so far.

Meanwhile, onto the next idea, which I'm not sure yet what that will be.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear Jasmine has had so many health problems... But really glad she got over them :) The episodes you show on the video and describe, look much like what my dog, Vadim, does when he's scared - though wanting to run out only happens when a particular lawn mower is on. Other times he tries to get as high as possible - climb upstairs, then on a shelf, then on the window sill, than back down, back up and so on...
    Anyway, I realise you mentioned that it is not likely to be storm/firework/noise issues. But since it does resmble my dogs various panick attacks, I wanted to share a method that helps Vadim every time. Have you tried pet calming music yet? I was so surprised it worked, but it did. And I've heard of dogs that didn't react to the thundershirt but did to the music. I've got a few samples of music on my blog and some additional links. Try them out next time, maybe they'll help? All the best to you and Jasmine!

    1. Hi, thank you for reading!

      Yes, it really doesn't add up to me as anxiety or panic attack, even though I realize that some anxiety might be there which could stem from not feeling good.

      The reasons why I don't feel it's panic/anxiety are for example:
      - she can be perfectly calm DURING a storm, however nasty
      - she can be sleeping and suddenly jump up and start an episode when it's perfectly quite
      - she can actually be asleep and still breathing rapidly
      - she's not trying to hide

      That said, I did try calming sounds and calming music, just like the Thundershirt, didn't make any difference.


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