No Skimping On Oral Care

No matter how we might be roughing it on Jasmine's ranch, there are some things that must be done at all times.

We cook up Jasmine's meals, and she gets her teeth brushed.

Jasmine, of course, thinks that skimping on oral care is part of roughing it, "Come on, we are in the middle of the wilderness, wolves don't brush their teeth either!"

Sorry, hon, wilderness or not, those teeth need to get brushed.

Keeping the mouth healthy helps to keep the body healthy.

Our choices of toothpaste are quite limited because most of them have one ingredient or another Jasmine is allergic to. We settled on Biotene® Veterinarian Maintenance Gel. This product is supposed to work without the need for brushing. We tried that, it kind of does, but combined with brushing the effect is better and longer lasting.

It's been almost two years since Jasmine's last dental cleaning and the teeth are holding up.

Biotene® Veterinarian Maintenance Gel is one of the few products that we can use for Jasmine and since we added the actual brushing to the application, we are happy with the results.

Teeth brushing is typically hubby's job, you know, he gets to do the things Jasmine doesn't like.

But in all honesty, gotta give her credit, because she is actually extremely good with it. A very good girl.

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  1. I don't particularly enjoy getting my teeth brushed either. But I prefer that to being put under at a doctors office for a tooth cleaning... I still do hide under the bed when tooth brushing time arrives - WOOF!

    1. BOL Hiding under the bed must make tooth brushing quite difficult! Perhaps you need some yummier treats for this :-)

  2. I've brushed my Rotties teeth from the beginning and she loves it! I started make the tooth paste myself with baking soda and beef broth, just enough to make a paste... I usually use the dry beef broth to make it more tasty. I thought she had an allergy to the store bought then just got in the habit.
    I like when I look in the mirror while brushing my teeth and there's Luna drooling waiting for her turn.
    I've enjoyed reading what you've been through with your girls....It sounds like you loved Jasmine like I love my baby......and the problems to go with..... I wound up on your blog looking for info on leg injuries. Luna just blew out her knee and is fully lame :( get diagnosed tomorrow and am thinking stem cell is the way to go thanks for sharing your dogs ups and downs. Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny,

      that is awesome that Luna actually looks forward to her teeth brushing so much! :-) That paste must be really yummy!

      Yes, I loved Jasmine like my own flesh and blood. I love her forever.

      So sorry about Luna's leg. Stem cell therapy is awesome and can certainly work for partial tears. The injury needs to be thoroughly evaluated, ideally via MRI or arthroscopy. It is recommended to combine that with external stabilization (brace). A consultation with Vet-stem is certainly a good idea.


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