Senior Sensory Systems Function: Zero Defects

It is not unusual that as your dog ages, their senses might decline. Particularly their sight and/or hearing can deteriorate with age.

Jasmine is no doubt a senior dog. How are her senses holding up?

She could hear a pin drop on a subway.

Well, OK, I never tested that, nor I believe she'd care to listen for it. Here is what I do know, though.

While on the main floor, she can hear the difference between my putting on regular pants versus walking pants (jeans) upstairs.

By the sounds, she can tell the difference of a bathroom being prepped for hubby's or my shower, versus hers.

Every morning, she'd be listening to the sounds of hubby getting ready either for work, or for a trip to the farm. Certain sounds mean, “go back to sleep, no party today”, and certain sounds mean “party time!”

Even when it doesn't look like she is paying attention to the sounds, she is. You cannot tell as long as the sounds proceed in their proper order. However, change one sound, or change their order, and watch the perked-up ears and head tilt.

She can see like a hawk.

I really noticed that the other day. Out on the walk, I was breaking up a piece of jerky for her, and a tiny morsel broke off and fell to the ground. Believe me, it was tiny. I didn't really see it, I just noticed the movement. Jasmine saw it drop too! I saw her following it's path and then she reached for it at the exactly right spot.

That thing couldn't have been much bigger than a pin head.

And then she actually found it in the gravel.

And, of course, during a long boring ride, when desperate for something to bark at, she can see a Chihuahua from a mile away ...

Could she smell a sugar cube in a pool?

Probably, if she cared. She can certainly smell it when I try to sneak by her with a piece of cheese.

When during a walk hubby gets a bit ahead, and out of sight (because he has little appreciation for all those important things that need to be smelled along the way), she can track him down; it was quite amazing to watch. Even through terrain, she followed the exact path he took.

Trying to play hide and seek in the bushes? Forget it. She knows exactly where to find you.

One thing I love about winter time is that I can actually see what's she's sniffing. Yellow snow, little tracks … I enjoy that very much because I can see what she's seeing.

What about her six sense?

I am quite certain that she knows what we think even before we think it. Particularly when those thoughts are of interest to her, such as thinking that it might be time to go for walk.

Jasmine, you go baby! Sharp as a tack! There is no fooling you.

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  1. Hey Jasmine,

    You rock!! There's no getting anything past you hey buddy?! :)

    Hope you're having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Hey Snoopy! They try, and they fail. BOL

      Tail wags,

  2. LOL, I love this post. Every now and again I start to worry about the Felix and his senses, but he can still hear me whisper the word treat from the kitchen - even when he's in the basement, and he can smell a morsel of cheese from a mile away. Him and Jasmine are miles ahead of us old humans!

    1. Hearing loss versus selective hearing ... though that usually happens mostly with husbands. LOL


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