K&H Cool Bed III: Ooh, It's Cool!

Jasmine got her first cooling bed about four years ago. 

She loved it from the moment she set her foot on it.

K&H Cool Bed III. Ok, this clearly isn't Jasmine, our house really is not photogenic.
I'll see if I can figure out a way of taking some photos.

Ooh, it's cool! And comfy!

It served her well year-round, for three years. Then it sprung a leak. It was a waterbed after all, so I guess it's something to be expected sooner or later.

It was at the seam, the weakest part. The good part was that the leak was quite minor and the bed really leaked only when there was applied pressure. I didn't result in flooded room or anything like that. But still, by the time I noticed it, there was quite a puddle in the carpet.

Around that time I have read a review of cooling pads, which were supposed to do the job without the water.

Sounded good and we decided to give it a try.

I looked up the sizes and ordered/and paid for the largest one available, as it was about the size of the late cooling bed. Excited when it arrived, I opened up the package to find out that the pad I received was half the size I wanted.

It was a mix up, such things happen.

I called the company and they promised to send a replacement right away.

Meanwhile, I figured we could give this one a try anyway. Jasmine hated it. I hated it. The outer surface was sliding all over the inside, when you stepped on it, you went for a ride! Clearly a major safety risk, particularly for a dog with orthopedic issues and after two knee surgeries. With the large one under way, this was a major dilemma.

A new package arrived, with a replacement for my mixed up order. It was the same size as the first time! Now I had two pads that were too small!

To their credit, the design was updated.

this new pad had sort of quilting on it, which made the sections smaller and it wasn't nearly as slippery. It was much safer. But Jasmine still hated it.

I contacted the company again and told them I still didn't have the right size, and that I'd prefer getting my money back, to which I got no reply.

Being stuck with it, I tried a number of things in order to convince Jasmine to use it. 

When she finally did, I found another thing about it. I would stay cool for about 20 minutes of use and that was that. After that I was supposed to put it in a freezer, to charge it. On top of that, it didn't take very long for the quilting to let go.

This thing was not working on any level!

Enough was enough and we decided to take our chances with the potential, or eventually inevitable, leak and ordered the K&H Cool Bed III.

The new nylon/vinyl exterior is supposed to be tougher than ever.

Jasmine's Cool Bed arrived quite quickly (and the right size). The outer layer does look like it might be quite lasting and leak resistant; it has more fabric-like quality to it, so we're hoping it will last.

Most importantly, though, Jasmine loves it!

She has variety of beds, furniture and places to choose from. But she spends probably 97% of the time resting on her Cool Bed.

It cools, it's comfy - it's the next best thing to the hole she has dug up under the trailer on her ranch.

Yes, I am watching out for leaks. But Jasmine is so happy! Totally worth it!

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