Jasmine's Mysterious Swelling And Interdigital Cyst Update

Jasmine's interdigital cyst is just about healed. She always responded well to antibiotics, and it held true this time as well. So that's the good news.

The bad news is that the swelling remains.

Apparently the cyst was just a coincidence and the swelling is due to the yeast infection. We're doing the medicated foot baths religiously, every two days. I also change all her sheets after every bath. Those have to be the cleanest sheets in the history of clean sheets.

The salty smell is gone but the swelling is not.

It has temporarily improved after Jasmine's underwater treadmill session on Saturday. She also got cold laser treatment on all her feet. But the next day it seemed to look about the same as at the beginning.

What would my life be if I didn't have something to worry about?

Jasmine's vet, though, isn't surprised by this and says that he wouldn't expect the swelling go down until Tuesday or Wednesday. We also made a follow-up appointment so he can check it out. With our planned trip to Jasmine's ranch (we're supposed to leave Thursday early morning), I would really like for this to be resolved before that.

So it all depends on whether the leg looks good by then and/or whether her vet clears her for the trip. I would hate to run into complications while virtually in the middle of nowhere and I'd prefer having a vet whom I trust on the case.

So far we're acting as if we're going as planned. 

Jasmine is already on low-glycemic diet, just low starch veggies and animal protein. I am wondering whether I should add some coconut oil or oregano. A bit of coconut oil shouldn't hurt anything. I am somewhat worried about oregano because Jasmine doesn't do all herbs equally well.

One virtue that I am not very fond of - patience.
Oh Lord, give me patience, and give it to me now! 
On second thought, never mind patience, give me healthy Jasmine. Thank you so much. Amen.

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  1. Well, I'm happy to see SOME improvement, and that your vet isn't overly concerned! Patience can be really really hard in instances like this, and I would definitely feel worried as well. I give Elka coconut oil sometimes, but I guess with Jasmine's particulars, I would talk to my vet first before adding something new.

    1. Yeah, SOME improvement is good, the swelling was what bothered me first, though. Only later we found the cyst.

      I'm waiting till Wednesday before doing anything, maybe by then the swelling will be gone ...

  2. Again, I'm late. I'm waiting to read further to see if her swelling is better...hope, hope.

    1. Thank you, hon. Actually Jasmine had to be put on Furosemide to get the swelling down but that seems to be working. Meanwhile still treating for the yeast, so hopefully once that is completely gone the swelling will be gone for good too.


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