Dog Food: The Multi Billion Dollar Infographic

Does your dog suffer from itchy paws, stinky ears, and low energy? Does he constantly seem to drop large, smelly stools? These may actually be symptoms of a poor diet.

Researchers at Pet365 took a long look at the pet food industry, examining the ingredients in packaged dog food and comparing them to a natural diet. In addition, they checked pricing across the board in order to find the best values. Even branding trends came under consideration.


I don't agree that dogs should not eat raw meat (as per section 4). I know enough people who feed their dogs raw diets, after long battles with various health issues, and their dogs are doing amazingly well.

Many dogs also do great having yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy products in their diets. Jasmine's original recipe, from a nutritionist, also had these ingredients in it. Many of the recipes also include tomatoes. So I don't agree with all the foods to avoid on those lists.

Overall, though,  it's a great and interesting infographic.

Dog Food Information

Created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Take a look at the full dog food post.


  1. I love that they have "marijuana" on there - because WHO would try to feed their dog marijuana?!?!

    1. Well, you never know what ideas people might get. My money is on human "creativity."


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