Out Of Jail Free Pass

Jasmine was so happy to get out of the house! 

It was just two days of a house rest, but that is like an eternity in Jasmine years! 

We figured that depression is not conducive to healing and that she should be reasonably safe at the farm. She would go there during her knee surgeries post-op also.

I devoted the day to watching her and keeping her safe. She still ended up being more active than we'd like, but here is the kicker: her leg looked fine! And it still does now, even after rest, which is when even the best-hidden problems show up.

So we are very thankful but also very confused.

It looked so horrible on Wednesday and Thursday, and now it seems to be all gone just like that?

Before, when she had a problem with that elbow, it took quite a long time to resolve, and even when everything else looked good, you could still see a shoulder dip when she was trotting. No visible shoulder dip today either. This is rather baffling.

Should we cancel the treatment?

I would certainly hate canceling it just to have the problem return with a vengeance later that day. (You know how Murphy's law works). Jasmine's problems have never been simple so far. Certainly, the DMSO++ is not a magic bullet cure?

The main questions to figure out now are these:
  1. What the heck happened?
  2. How likely is it that it would happen again?
  3. What can we do to prevent that from happening? (other than hubby's favorite solution to propose - duct tape)
  4. Should we treat that elbow or not?
For now, all we can do is to observe and collect data. On Monday morning we need to discuss things with her vet and see what he makes of this.

For now, we are thankful that she got to enjoy her day out without paying a high pain price for it after.

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  1. Woohoo! Glad this one at least turned out this way. Jasmine's first :)

    1. I'm still not ready to believe it would have been that easy. So still on high guard.

  2. Great news! At least she got a day of fun without the aftermath of pain.

    1. Yes, very thankful for that. Getting out is so important to her!


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