Jasmine Doesn't Like "Doing Time"

Jasmine looked much better today! 

That's a major relief. Her vet is also pleased with the reduced lameness.

I don't think it's from the Tramadol. Yesterday she got a maximum dose and I would have hoped it would have numbed her up much better than it seemed to. All it really seems to have done is upsetting her stomach.

She got one early in the morning and we held off for now as it doesn't look that she needs it. Keeping up with the topical pain relief.

We're going through with the treatment, though, as something clearly isn't right in that elbow.

Jasmine is not at all happy with her forced bed rest, or, from her point of view, jail time. “OK, I get it, I hurt myself the other night, but why am I still stuck in the house today?!”

Jasmine is one of those dogs who'd rather crawl than remain house-bound.

So we need to do everything we can to get her life back.

Tomorrow we are taking her to the farm. I'll be her chaperone, making sure she hangs around leisurely. If hubby just took JD and left her behind, she'd never forgiven us.

Fingers crossed I can keep her out of mischief. 

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  1. There's just too much going on to do 'time", right jasmine? I hope you had a fun trip at the farm and stayed out of mischief!


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