The Challenge Continues

Jasmine is improving—slowly—so much for 36 hours... But at least her right legs now seem fully functional, well, at least in comparison with the left side.

And at least she gets around well enough now.

After another two days of strict bed rest, we figured that she really needed to get out of the house so we all went to the farm. It made her VERY happy. It was quite hot so that helped in keeping her somewhat subdued. She really is all go, no quit.

When she was out there, her weight bearing and gait looked quite decent. The lameness is now most obvious only when she gets up from laying down.

I was worried what the activity was going to do to the sore legs, but at night she didn't look any worse than the day before. That's a big relief.

In the morning the vet's office is finally open again, so we'll be there first thing (again).

We're all very exhausted, both physically, and emotionally, so more detailed update will be coming later.

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