Trying Out New FURminator Grooming Tools

I am a huge fan of FURminator.

It's been over four years since I discovered the FURminator deShedding tool, and I've been using it ever since. 

Once you try this one, you won't go back. That tool is awesome! In fact, my very first blog post was about the FURminator.

I can't even begin to count all the deshedding tools we tried, and hated, in the past. None of them worked for us. I never looked at another deshedding tool since we tried the FURminator.

The only other grooming tool I've been using was a regular comb, which worked fine for daily maintenance.

Now I got to try out new FURminator grooming tools!

The Curry Comb has already replaced my regular one.

I love the way it fits in the hand, secured by a strap. I always wanted one like that. It is so pleasant to use. I also love the hard molded rubber teeth. It removes dust and loose fur, but it also massages along the way.

I tried it on myself first, it gives one serious massage!

Such a good massage will stimulate blood supply to the skin as well as production and distribution of the natural skin oils. Indispensable, particularly for a dog such as Jasmine, with a history of skin issues. In fact, the main reason I comb her daily is to keep her skin healthy. The Curry Comb has both mine and Jasmine's thumbs up.

I also got to try out the Large Soft Slicker Brush.

It is very well designed, with an ergonomic handle and two sets of bristles – straight on one side, and bent on the other side. It has a two-part flexible head. It even comes with a protective cover.

I tried it on JD,  and he seems to like it. His coat is smooth and he doesn't really get tangles or mats so I cannot tell how well the brush would work on those.

To be honest, I always shied away from slicker brushes, because I worried that the bristles might be a bit too sharp. I was hoping that this one might be softer. In my opinion, it still feels rather abrasive, and when I run it over the top of my hand it does mark the skin. I realize that dog skin is tougher than mine but I don't feel like taking any chances with Jasmine's, which has proven to be quite delicate in the past.

If you do like using a slicker brush for your dog, though, I think you will like this one.

To check out FURminator's 2-step grooming solutions, visit Grooming Solutions for Dogs. Don't forget, grooming isn't all about the looks. Grooming is an effective way to improve your dog's skin (and coat) health.


  1. FURminator looks really cool and very easy to use, I also want to buy a tool like this for my huskies massage


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