She Can Move It Just Fine, She Just Doesn't Want to

For the longest time, Jasmine's chiropractor was concerned about her left elbow. It is true, that some time back the elbow was sore and Jasmine was visibly favoring it.

It's been a long time since I could see her having any problems with it at all.

Granted, I was enlightened that up to 25% of favoring won't be visible to a human eye. I still didn't feel that the elbow was giving her any trouble, though.

Based on the findings from her physical examinations, the chiropractor believed that the elbow had issues with arthritis

It kept me baffled. But when we brought it up to Jasmine's main vet, his findings confirmed the conclusion. Paranoid as I am, I was not seeing it. I couldn't make up my mind whether I should worry about the elbow or not.

During Jasmine's Tuesday's visit, as the chiropractor was manipulating the limbs to assess the range of motion, the elbow wasn't going anywhere.

“Come on, girl, I know you can move it,” the chiropractor was encouraging her. Perhaps the conviction in her voice changed Jasmine's mind and she stopped resisting.

The elbow moves just fine!

“She can move it just fine, she just doesn't want to!” the chiropractor exclaimed. At the same time the PT technician walked in: “Yeah, I know!”

When Jasmine doesn't want to do something, she won't, and you can't make her. We're just thankful that usually, she does want to. Why would she get consistently stubborn about that particular limb being manipulated is anybody's guess. Maybe because it's always the last thing that gets done and Jasmine is sick of being manhandled by the time the left elbow gets its turn.

The good news is that according to the latest assessment there is nothing wrong with the elbow.

The take-home message is that a successful physical examination requires the cooperation of the patient. Just as it happened with multiple failed attempts to elicit the drawer sign on her injured knees. It was not going to happen.

Yet again this makes me wish for the thermal imaging camera! I wonder how would Jasmine manage to fool that one!

Jasmine, you're a stubborn girl! I love you anyway, though.

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  1. Glad Jasmine is ok. But also a nice story of your battle "to know". I would never have thought of a thermal imgaging camera, very clever, where there is a Jana, there is a way :)

    1. I know, right? We did take some additional precautions to protect the elbow, which doesn't hurt anything. Personally I had less of a problem with this than with a reversed situation when I could see a problem and they could not.


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